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Ladenia (the Greek focaccia from the island of Kimolos)

Kimolos is a small island in the south west Cyclades. It is known for its impressive landscape where one can observe unusual rock formations due to volcanic activity, since the island lies on the outer zone of the volcanic arc of the Aegean.

Amazing sandy beaches, archaeological interest, tranquility and serene atmosphere make it an ideal destination. Moreover, as every island, it has developed its own unique cuisine, of which the most famous dish is “ladenia”. Ladenia is a type of focaccia made with a plentiful of tomatoes and onions. If you ever visit Kimolos don’t forget to taste a slice of ladenia. It’s heavenly delicious!



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Crunchy fried zucchini slices

There’s no doubt that our favorite summer appetizer is thinly sliced zucchinis fried in olive oil! They’re so scrumptious, so delicious that you’ll find yourself having a hard time trying to stop eating them!

They go very well with a glass of beer, some retsina wine or even better a glass of ouzo on ice!


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Greek chickpea fritters

As we have mentioned before in our blog, Greeks adore eating fritters as appetizers. We make them with meat, with vegetables but also with legumes. The most popular ones made with legumes are chickpea fritters. Soft in the inside, crunchy on the outside and flavored with different herbs,  they are so delicious that you just can’t stop eating them!



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