Frozen yoghurt with extra virgin olive oil and sea salt

Using olive oil in sweets, cakes and desserts has become very popular lately. Its presence adds a fruitier taste and gives a smoother texture to the dough- if we’re making one.  It’s essential that we use olive oil of the best quality. By doing so we obtain unique taste and flavor.


Today we are going to make a simple but rather challenging dessert. Challenging because the combination of ingredients may seem strange and unusual: yoghurt and extra virgin olive oil. But fear not! The discreet freshness of the yoghurt not only reveals the fruity flavor of the olive oil but at the same time it enhances it.

As we have already said it’s a very simple dessert. It doe

sn’t need but a couple of ingredients and it’s easy to try.


Frozen yoghurt with extra virgin olive oil and sea salt







720 grams Greek yoghurt (Basically only this type of yoghurt can be used. If not found, use plain yoghurt but strain it first)

200 grams caster sugar

Esti extra virgin olive oil

Sea salt

Mix together the yoghurt and sugar until the sugar is dissolved and refrigerate for about an hour. Churn in an ice cream machine according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Serve with a sprinkle of sea salt and a drizzle of esti olive oil.


The recipe and photo is a kind offer from our good friend  Keiko Oikawa , owner of the food blog Nordljus (

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