Greek-styled stuffed zucchini


Zucchinis are in season, so it’s a good occasion to make this dish, one of the most elegant of the Greek cuisine!



For this recipe you will need large zucchinis.

Yields 4

4 large zucchinis

½ kilo ground beef

1 white onion finely chopped

½ cup white rice

1 teaspoon spearmint

2 tablespoons parsley

100 ml esti extra virgin olive oil

1 beef cube

2 large eggs

Juice of 1 large lemon

1 tablespoon cornstarch




Cut the zucchini into 1/2s , cored on one end  having the other end  left intact. Remove the filing carefully with a corer – a teaspoon could do the job too-  in order  that a wall of zucchini, neither thick nor too slim,  remains to contain the filling.

Prepare the filling

Mix the ground meat with the rice,  the onion, spearmint, parsley, a couple of spoons olive oil and season with salt and pepper.

Stuff this mixture into each zucchini piece so that the filling goes all the way into the vegetable.

Level the opening nicely- we don’t want the filling to come out!

Layer the filled zucchinis in a big pot and add enough hot water to cover.

Add to the stock the beef cube and the remaining olive oil and cover.

Simmer for almost 1 hour. By this time the zucchinis are tender. Take off the heat. Remove carefully the zucchinis and keep the remaining liquid in the pot.

Separate yolks from whites.

In a larger bowl whisk thoroughly the whites until they become stiff. Continue whisking and add yolks. Once well combined add cornstarch and lemon. Whisk a little more.

Very slowly –but extremely carefully- ladle the whisked eggs in the pot. While doing this, whisk the liquid as the eggs are being mixed with it. The whole process needs the utmost attention as we don’t want the eggs to curdle.

Replace the zucchinis in the liquid and leave for a few minutes.

Serve with an elegant, citrusy Greek white wine!


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