Sunny winter days in Athens

The first days of the new year have found Athens under a blue, sunny sky, while the weather is gently warm as the wind blows from the south. Not that winter is over yet, but there is a hint of spring in the air. It is always like this in January, the weather being fair and mild, giving the opportunity to Athenians and visitors to take long walks in the city center or to stroll by the beach side. January’s gentle weather helps us “refill our batteries” as we say here in Greece and it’s a good motive to explore and relish the most of our beloved city.


One cannot but accept the fact that the New Acropolis Museum is by far the new landmark of the city. Thousands flock everyday to admire the treasures of Ancient Greece. After a tour in the museum we can always enjoy a cup of coffee at its café having a marvelous view of the Parthenon Temple on top of the Acropolis Hill.

On the other side of the city, many interesting things are going on at the Benaki Museum one of the most active museums in the country.  Permanent and current exhibitions give the visitor the opportunity to explore aspects of modern –and not only- Greek Art and culture.

When exploring art and culture you’ll need to take a break now and then. It’s the best moment to indulge in the real success story of the city which is none other than its wine and cocktail bars. Round Syntagma Square, the narrow streets of the area are full of vibrant bars that offer the best of Greek wines and extravagant cocktails from award winning mixologists. Best time of the day is just after sunset when the tempo of the city changes and bars and cafés slowly begin to fill with people.

Aperitifs, wines, cocktail are on the go, but after that, Greek cuisine is on the real menu. Humble taverns and modern restaurants in the city center serve exquisite Greek dishes cooked in their authentic version or with a light twist.


Athens is on the bright side these days. Days of art, wine and dine and always looking at the sunny side of a city that has a bundle of goodies to offer!

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