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Greek chickpea fritters

As we have mentioned before in our blog, Greeks adore eating fritters as appetizers. We make them with meat, with vegetables but also with legumes. The most popular ones made with legumes are chickpea fritters. Soft in the inside, crunchy on the outside and flavored with different herbs,  they are so delicious that you just can’t stop eating them!



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Traditional Greek chickpea soup


As we have mentioned before in our blog, Greeks have a strong love for legumes. We eat them in every possible way, in soups, mashed up or even baked in the oven!  Legumes are among the best protein sources and in difficult periods they used to be eaten as an alternative to meat. Greeks have never abandoned their habit of eating legumes even when times went better. It is typical of us to eat at least once a week such a dish. Legume soups are very popular this time of the year, when days get colder and dark rainy clouds cover every inch of our blue skies. Soups made from beans, lentils, chickpeas or even black-eyed peas are on our daily menu.


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