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Traditional Greek meat pie

There’s no doubt that pies, being an essential part of the Greek cuisine, are one of our most favorite comfort foods.  Moreover –and there’s no doubt about that either- pies are the most popular street food in the country. Wherever you go in Greece you will always bump into a pie shop!


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“Papoutsakia”, the name of the dish on today’s post, literally means “little shoes”. But it’s also a wonderful Greek dish from the Peloponese, in the south of the country, where eggplants are commonly used in the local cuisine. “Papoutsakia” is actually eggplants stuffed with minced meat sauce and topped with béchamel sauce. One could say that it is a variation of the famous moussaka , but “papoutsakia” are equally delicious and when you taste them you’ll end up relishing more than one!



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Moussaká is perhaps the most emblematic Greek summer dish. It can be found at almost every restaurant in Greece and every Greek restaurant in the world. Basically it is made with two summer vegetables, eggplant and zucchini, but potatoes are usually added or used as a substitute to one of the two basic vegetables.



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Youvétsi (Greek beef stew with orzo pasta)

When it comes to consuming pasta, it can be said that Greeks are as passionate as Italians! It is a fact that we consume a huge amount of pasta and there are many dishes in the Greek cuisine that are based on pasta, the most famous of which are two: The “pastitsio” , which we had presented some time ago and an oven dish called “Youvetsi”.


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