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Traditional Greek meat pie

There’s no doubt that pies, being an essential part of the Greek cuisine, are one of our most favorite comfort foods.  Moreover –and there’s no doubt about that either- pies are the most popular street food in the country. Wherever you go in Greece you will always bump into a pie shop!


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Tyrópita (Greek cheese pie)

Savory pies are more than common in Greek cuisine. In fact, they are a staple. The most famous is the cheese pie, the one that we prefer mostly as a street food. Everywhere, at every corner of our cities and towns, you can find a “tiropitádiko”, which is basically a small shop with no tables to sit, and where you can be a cheese pie or other kinds of pie and eat them as a street food. As a matter of fact, many Greeks prefer them as a part of their breakfast on the foot –something that we are very used of.


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