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Greek leek pie

Pies are an essential feature in Greek cuisine. Every region has its own way of making them and a preference to certain ingredients. The most popular ones are those that combine vegetables with cheese- mainly feta cheese but other types of cheese are used as well.

Leek pie is a very nice pie, delicious with elegant flavors thanks to the sweetness the leek provides to the pie.


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Greek zucchini fritters

Vegetable fritters are extremely popular as appetizers in Greek cuisine. We make them with different types of vegetables from tomatoes to zucchinis and eggplants and even cauliflower!

Zucchini fritters are perhaps the most popular ones. You’ll find many taverns that serve them as appetizers. In Greek they’re called “kolokithokeftédes”. A bit hard to pronounce but not that hard to make!


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Melitzanosaláta (Greek eggplant dip)

There are many features that define the Greek cuisine. One of them is the abundant presence of dips. Our dips are mostly made from vegetables or legumes and are usually served as appetizers. They are a real treat, full of Mediterranean flavors and always hard to resist to!

Since summer is on its way and one of the most characteristic vegetables of the season are the eggplants, we decided to show you today how to prepare an eggplant dip.



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Shrimp saganáki

Shrimp saganáki is one of the most popular Greek appetizers. With the term “saganáki” we refer to a dish that contains fried cheese. The cheese can be a type of gruyere, kefalotíri , feta or haloumi. In this appetizer the shrimp is combined with feta. The texture of the cheese and its mellow taste when eventually cooked, make it easier to blend with the sweet, tender and full of sea flavors shrimp.


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Greek spinach pie

Not without reason Greek pies are becoming more and more popular. They’re not only delicious and rich in taste but they are also easy to make.  Amongst the most popular ones is the cheese pie, which we had presented in a previous post, and of course equally popular is  the famous spinach pie, a classic Greek favorite.


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Back to Santorini!

A couple of posts back, we talked about the island of Santorini and we mentioned that almost every travel magazine in the world was referring to it in one way or another. But it’s not only the travel magazines that are so excited about the landmark of the Greek islands! Food magazines are fascinated with Santorini as well and not just by chance. As we have already said, the island is famous for many of its products –there is intense agricultural activity on the island thanks to its fertile volcanic soil- and the islanders are doing their best to promote the local cuisine. Delicious food made from extremely tasty goods, vegetables and fruits, meat and the freshest fish, wine of high quality etc.



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Our favourite fava from Santorini

Whichever travel magazine you’re browsing this time of the year, you’ll notice that Santorini is one of the most popular article themes. Probably the most attractive island of Greece, Santorini owes its impressive and dramatic beauty to geological reasons. It is essentially what remains after an enormous volcanic explosion, which occurred some 3600 years ago and created the current geological caldera.


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