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Calamari with pasta

It’s not well known abroad but we Greeks are huge fans of pasta dishes. There are many famous dishes in our cuisine that have as their basic ingredient different types of pasta. We combine pasta with anything even seafood, a combination that makes the most mouthwatering dishes and it brings us to our new blog post!




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Froutália. A delicious frittata from Andros.

Andros is one of the biggest islands in the Cyclades. It’s close to the Attica coast, therefore it is a popular weekend destination for the Athenians. A rather attractive island, it owes its charm to the elegant architecture, slightly different from the typical Cycladic one that we see in the other islands.

As every island in the Aegean, Andros boosts its own unique cuisine, of which the most popular dish is Froutália (or Fourtália)


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Kayanás or Strapatsáda

When exploring Greek cuisine, eventually you’ll find out that our favorite ingredient is the tomato! Especially in summer we use tomatoes everywhere in almost every dish! But that’s not just by chance. Greek tomatoes in the summer are the best, having been cultivated under the glorious sun, so juicy and with an intense flavor that makes you wish it could last forever!



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A simple but efficient Greek summer dish. Briámi

Briámi (or briám) is a very simple summer dish made with season vegetables. It’s one of those dishes that don’t take much of our time to prepare, they don’t need any peculiar ingredients- just fresh summer vegetables and everyone in the family enjoys eating! That’s why it is a common option for the family cook, so common that it’s usually served at least once a week in summer!


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Moussaká is perhaps the most emblematic Greek summer dish. It can be found at almost every restaurant in Greece and every Greek restaurant in the world. Basically it is made with two summer vegetables, eggplant and zucchini, but potatoes are usually added or used as a substitute to one of the two basic vegetables.



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Summer in Greece

There’s no doubt that the season that best defines Greece is summer! It’s the Mediterranean sun, the deep blue sea, the cloudless skies, the endless coastline, the countless islands in the Ionian and Aegean Sea. It’s all these and everything else that cannot be found but in this tiny part of the world, in the South-East of Europe.



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Greek style stuffed tomatoes

Stuffed tomatoes is the ultimate Greek summer dish.  “Yemistá” as we call them is a meal that we enjoy eating this time of the year when tomatoes are rich in flavor, juicier and much tastier. They are usually stuffed with rice and different fresh herbs and baked in the oven, that being the most popular version. There is also a version where the stuffing is a mixture of minced meat sauce and rice -that is more of a Sunday treat. Today we’ve got for you the veggie version, meaning that rice is the basic stuffing ingredient. We hope you enjoy it!


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