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Greek style cauliflower stew

Cauliflower is one of the most prominent winter vegetables. In Greece it is often served as a salad after being slightly cooked in water. There is also a very special dish, cooked mostly in winter, in which cauliflower is stewed in tomato sauce. Here’s the recipe for Greek style stewed cauliflower.

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Greek style lentils with rice (Fakorizo)

Legumes are often combined with grains in the Mediterranean cuisine, with the most popular combination being lentils and rice. There are many variations of this simple but very nutritious dish. The Greek style lentils and rice dish is called “Fakorizo” and it is the recipe that we’ve prepared for you today!


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Zucchinis baked with Greek cheeses

It may be autumn already but cooking summer vegetables is still going on. Basically most of them are at their best now in September having received the warmth of the last days of August. Zucchinis are still tender and sweet. We’ve sliced some and we’ve baked them with some special Greek cheeses. A perfect early autumn dish!


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