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March 25th

Welcome to our blog! This is the first of a series  of posts that will introduce you to Greek cuisine and help you to discover how healthy, delicious, tasty and exciting it is! But there’s going to be more! In our posts we’ll take a good look not only at Greek gastronomy on the whole but also at the elements that define it, the most prominent of which is the olive oil.

So, let’s see what’s cooking for today, a very special day indeed for us Greeks!

One of Greece’s two National Holidays is held

 on the 25th of March. It is the day on which we celebrate the beginning of the revolution in 1821 against the Turkish oppression, a revolution  that  led to the independence of our country some years later.

Coincidentally the 25th of March  is the same date with the religious feast of the Annunciation, meaning that on this day there are two celebrations going on in the country. Religious feasts in Greece are always connected to specific dishes, and it happens that this day calls for fish. But not any fish! It calls for cod. Salted cod! And it gets to be  accompanied with our  very special ”aioli” the so called ”scordaliá” (scordo meaning garlic in Greek).


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