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Kakavia or Greek island fish soup

If you ever find yourself in a Greek island don’t hesitate to try some fish soup from the local taverns. The Greek seas are famous for the abundance of fish and fresh fish, usually fried or grilled, is always served at the taverns in our hundreds of islands spread in the Aegean and Ionian Seas. Thankfully there are still taverns that serve kakavia , the richest and intense in flavor fish soup you can find!

Easy to make, all you need is the freshest variety of fish!



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Calamari with pasta

It’s not well known abroad but we Greeks are huge fans of pasta dishes. There are many famous dishes in our cuisine that have as their basic ingredient different types of pasta. We combine pasta with anything even seafood, a combination that makes the most mouthwatering dishes and it brings us to our new blog post!




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Shrimp saganáki

Shrimp saganáki is one of the most popular Greek appetizers. With the term “saganáki” we refer to a dish that contains fried cheese. The cheese can be a type of gruyere, kefalotíri , feta or haloumi. In this appetizer the shrimp is combined with feta. The texture of the cheese and its mellow taste when eventually cooked, make it easier to blend with the sweet, tender and full of sea flavors shrimp.


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