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Sunny winter days in Athens

The first days of the new year have found Athens under a blue, sunny sky, while the weather is gently warm as the wind blows from the south. Not that winter is over yet, but there is a hint of spring in the air. It is always like this in January, the weather being fair and mild, giving the opportunity to Athenians and visitors to take long walks in the city center or to stroll by the beach side. January’s gentle weather helps us “refill our batteries” as we say here in Greece and it’s a good motive to explore and relish the most of our beloved city.


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Plaka, our favourite quarter in Athens!

Plaka is Athens’s best known quarter. It is a lovely, quiet neighborhood in the heart of the city, full of well preserved colorful houses of neoclassic style. Plaka lies at the foot of the Acropolis hill, on which sits the landmark of the city, the Parthenon temple. A stroll in its narrow streets is a journey into the past of the city. You can get a very good picture of how Athens used to be before its urban expansion in the 50’s. _MG_7812   Continue reading

To the coast!

For many of those who visit the city of Athens, it is essential, mandatory and, above all, taken for granted that they visit every important archaeological site and museum in town. Then most of them stroll in the city centre and in the end a few will take the metro line to the port in order to visit a nearby island. However it’s a bit strange that most visitors of Athens ignore the fact that this city has a wonderful, rich, diverse coastline! One wonders why. So in today’s post we’ve decided to introduce you to the unique beauties of…

The coastline of Athens



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Athens central market

When in Athens, a visit to the Central Market is indispensable.  Its main entrance is situated on Athinás Street –one of the oldest streets of the city- while the market occupies a whole block. It opens early in the morning, weekdays and Saturdays, in order to cater restaurants and the Athenians with its fresh goodies. An outstanding variety of meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, dry fruits and nuts from every part of the country -and not only- is offered at the best prices you can get. It’s got a unique boisterous atmosphere and it can get really noisy when all the merchants start shouting in an attempt to draw the attention of potential buyers!


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