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A simple but efficient Greek summer dish. Briámi

Briámi (or briám) is a very simple summer dish made with season vegetables. It’s one of those dishes that don’t take much of our time to prepare, they don’t need any peculiar ingredients- just fresh summer vegetables and everyone in the family enjoys eating! That’s why it is a common option for the family cook, so common that it’s usually served at least once a week in summer!


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“Papoutsakia”, the name of the dish on today’s post, literally means “little shoes”. But it’s also a wonderful Greek dish from the Peloponese, in the south of the country, where eggplants are commonly used in the local cuisine. “Papoutsakia” is actually eggplants stuffed with minced meat sauce and topped with béchamel sauce. One could say that it is a variation of the famous moussaka , but “papoutsakia” are equally delicious and when you taste them you’ll end up relishing more than one!



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