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Pear cake with Greek yoghurt and olive oil

Autumn is a wonderful season to indulge in rich fruity cakes. Fruits of the season like apples or pears make for wonderful sweet treats that everyone will appreciate.

We’ve made this extraordinary, utterly delicious pear cake with esti extra virgin olive oil and believe us, it’s one of the best cakes you are going to make this fall!


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Olive Oil Chocolate Cake

A new trend in cake baking has been around lately and seems to be very popular: that is using olive oil as a main ingredient instead of butter! Comments are more than enthusiastic and everyone is talking about the advantages of baking a cake with olive oil: You get a different, fruitier taste and the most essential, the cake remains moist for more days.


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Olive oil apple cake

This is the time of the season when apples are at their best. They’re fresh, firm, sweet and juicy, extremely delicious and last but not least they come with a natural waxiness.  This is also the time for a wonderful , luscious cake , wrapped in the sweet and with light acidity flavors of our favorite fruit. The extra advantage of this cake is that olive oil is used instead of butter.  It has a different texture, it’s healthier and it gets better day by day!



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Olive oil lemon cake

Using olive oil in cakes has become a recent trend in pastry. Perhaps it’s a need to avoid as much as saturated fat as possible in order to make pastries and cakes lighter and healthier. Cakes indeed become healthier when we use olive oil instead of butter but they also get to be extremely tasty and they obtain a different texture, plus the fact that they stay moist much longer.


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