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Kakavia or Greek island fish soup

If you ever find yourself in a Greek island don’t hesitate to try some fish soup from the local taverns. The Greek seas are famous for the abundance of fish and fresh fish, usually fried or grilled, is always served at the taverns in our hundreds of islands spread in the Aegean and Ionian Seas. Thankfully there are still taverns that serve kakavia , the richest and intense in flavor fish soup you can find!

Easy to make, all you need is the freshest variety of fish!



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Split pea soup with sínglino (Greek smoked pork flavored with sage and orange)

We’re in the heart of winter, which means it’s the appropriate time for soups made with legumes. As we’ve mentioned before, legumes play a dominant role in Greek cuisine. The most usual way to cook legumes in Greece is to make soups.

Today we’ve got a lovely, smooth split pea soup and we are going to serve it with sautéed cubes of sínglino, an extremely delicious charcuterie from Lakonia, in the SE parts of the Peloponnese region. Sínglino is smoked pork, flavoured with sage and orange and conserved with additional pork fat. Unique in flavor, hard to find, but totally worth it!


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Greek chicken soup (Avgolémono)

There’s no better winter comfort food than soup. And when it comes to soup the first one that comes in mind is chicken soup. Why? Perhaps it’s because our mother would always make chicken soup when we were young. It brings back memories and warmth. Both sentimental and corporal warmth.




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