Greek chicken soup (Avgolémono)

There’s no better winter comfort food than soup. And when it comes to soup the first one that comes in mind is chicken soup. Why? Perhaps it’s because our mother would always make chicken soup when we were young. It brings back memories and warmth. Both sentimental and corporal warmth.




Our recipe today, is the typical Greek chicken soup. It’s unique because in order to thicken it we use eggs and lemon combined with broth! It provides the soup with a creamy texture that you will adore!



Yields 4

5-6 cups chicken stock (it’s better to be homemade with free-range chicken)

2/3 cups rice (orzo pasta can be used but we usually prefer rice)

4 fresh eggs (at room temperature)

3-4 spoons lemon juice



2 cups skinless chicken meat diced

Place stock in a pot, add salt and bring to a simmer. Add the rice and cook until al dente, approximately 20 minutes. Don’t forget to stir occasionally. Turn off the heat.

Crack the eggs and separate whites and yolks. Use a mixer to beat the egg whites until stiff. Add yolks one by one. When combined add lemon juice and stop using the mixer. Continue beating slowly by using an egg beater. Now add slowly some of the warm stock, whisk quickly in order that the eggs start warming up, add some more stock and whisk again. Continue until 2/3 of stock has been used. Then pour slowly the egg mixture back into the pot, whilst constantly stirring. Add pepper.


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