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Kakavia or Greek island fish soup

If you ever find yourself in a Greek island don’t hesitate to try some fish soup from the local taverns. The Greek seas are famous for the abundance of fish and fresh fish, usually fried or grilled, is always served at the taverns in our hundreds of islands spread in the Aegean and Ionian Seas. Thankfully there are still taverns that serve kakavia , the richest and intense in flavor fish soup you can find!

Easy to make, all you need is the freshest variety of fish!



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Sofrito (Recipe from the island of Corfu)

Corfu is one of the most beautiful islands of Greece, situated in the Ionian Sea, on the North West part of Greece. Due to historical and geographical facts its cuisine has had fewer influences from the East –in contrast to other parts of the country- and more from the West, mainly Italy.

Sofrito, our new recipe, is a characteristic example of those, so called, western influences.


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Froutália. A delicious frittata from Andros.

Andros is one of the biggest islands in the Cyclades. It’s close to the Attica coast, therefore it is a popular weekend destination for the Athenians. A rather attractive island, it owes its charm to the elegant architecture, slightly different from the typical Cycladic one that we see in the other islands.

As every island in the Aegean, Andros boosts its own unique cuisine, of which the most popular dish is Froutália (or Fourtália)


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Delicious dishes from the Greek islands.

The islands in the Aegean and Ionian Seas are numerous. Each and every one of them is unique, and even those that belong to the same geographical complex pose characteristic differences. Due to the fact that the islands by nature are in some way isolated, they have developed their unique flora and fauna, leading to the differentiation of their cuisines.



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Summer in Greece

There’s no doubt that the season that best defines Greece is summer! It’s the Mediterranean sun, the deep blue sea, the cloudless skies, the endless coastline, the countless islands in the Ionian and Aegean Sea. It’s all these and everything else that cannot be found but in this tiny part of the world, in the South-East of Europe.



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Samos is an island situated in the eastern Aegean Sea, less than 2 Km off the coast of Asia Minor. It is an island well known not only for its exceptional natural beauty, but also for its history that goes back to the ancient times. It is a mountainous island (as most of the Greek islands are) but it also has a rich vegetation due to the abundant rainfalls that shower the island in winter. Therefore it comes as no surprise that in the ancient times the island’s name was ‘’Hydrele’’ meaning ‘’Rich in water’’.



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Back to Santorini!

A couple of posts back, we talked about the island of Santorini and we mentioned that almost every travel magazine in the world was referring to it in one way or another. But it’s not only the travel magazines that are so excited about the landmark of the Greek islands! Food magazines are fascinated with Santorini as well and not just by chance. As we have already said, the island is famous for many of its products –there is intense agricultural activity on the island thanks to its fertile volcanic soil- and the islanders are doing their best to promote the local cuisine. Delicious food made from extremely tasty goods, vegetables and fruits, meat and the freshest fish, wine of high quality etc.



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