Summer in Greece

There’s no doubt that the season that best defines Greece is summer! It’s the Mediterranean sun, the deep blue sea, the cloudless skies, the endless coastline, the countless islands in the Ionian and Aegean Sea. It’s all these and everything else that cannot be found but in this tiny part of the world, in the South-East of Europe.



The country’s beauties are revealed, almost indiscreetly one can say, this time of the year when the light of a ferocious sun seems to give more intensity and deepness to the shades of blue of our seas and skies. This amazing blue, in all its tones, is what makes summer in Greece unique. It’s what makes millions of people flock every year here and enjoy the serene summer charm of the country.


Most tourists prefer to visit the islands but the vast coastline offers fascinating landscapes with small hidden bays, forests that touch the sea, rocky capes, picturesque fishing villages. Thousands of beaches, tiny or vast, sandy or rocky give the opportunity to the visitor to swim in the most beautiful, clean, crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean.


The islands are innumerable and all so different from one another. On the one hand there are the popular and famous islands like Santorini, Crete or Rhodes and on the other hand there are these little diamonds lost in the sea, small sanctuaries of tranquility like Chalki, Sikinos or Kasos to name a few. Moreover there are islands of a dry, almost austere landscape but also there are islands of lush vegetation. Islands that are known for their crazy night life and others known for their traditions and slow pace of life.


Whichever island one chooses, it is certain that the food will be excellent. Food in summer, here in Greece, tends to be fresh and light. Vegetables are eaten daily and are the basic ingredients of our main summer dishes. Fresh fish and sea food is preferred to meat. The best part is when one enjoys Greek cuisine at a tavern or restaurant next to the sea.

Next time you’re in the country find your favorite spot by the sea. And let yourself enjoy the most of the landscape and food! That feeling, that sensation you’ll get, is summer in Greece

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