Froutália. A delicious frittata from Andros.

Andros is one of the biggest islands in the Cyclades. It’s close to the Attica coast, therefore it is a popular weekend destination for the Athenians. A rather attractive island, it owes its charm to the elegant architecture, slightly different from the typical Cycladic one that we see in the other islands.

As every island in the Aegean, Andros boosts its own unique cuisine, of which the most popular dish is Froutália (or Fourtália)




Yields 4

3 large potatoes

6 eggs

2 country style pork sausages

4 tablespoons milk

1 tbsp fresh marjoram

½ cup  kefalotýri cheese (if not found then use pecorino)

½ cup esti extra virgin olive oil




Peel the potatoes and cut into thin slices. Chop the sausages into slices as well. In frying pan heat the olive oil and add the potatoes. When slightly fried add the sausages. Continue frying until potatoes are tender.

Beat the eggs in a bowl, add salt, pepper, marjoram and cheese. Mix.

Add egg mixture to potatoes and sausages and fry the omelette on both sides.

Froutália can be eaten warm or at room temperature. Enjoy with a glass of white Cycladic wine!



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