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A couple of posts back, we talked about the island of Santorini and we mentioned that almost every travel magazine in the world was referring to it in one way or another. But it’s not only the travel magazines that are so excited about the landmark of the Greek islands! Food magazines are fascinated with Santorini as well and not just by chance. As we have already said, the island is famous for many of its products –there is intense agricultural activity on the island thanks to its fertile volcanic soil- and the islanders are doing their best to promote the local cuisine. Delicious food made from extremely tasty goods, vegetables and fruits, meat and the freshest fish, wine of high quality etc.



Today we’ve got the recipe of another famous Santorini appetizer. They’re called ‘’tomato balls’’ (as in meat balls or cheese balls) ‘’tomatokeftédes´´ in Greek. But never mind the difficult pronunciation of the word; these are so delicious, so scrumptious that you won’t stop at eating only one.



Tomatokeftédes (Santorini tomato balls)



About 1 kilo tomatoes (Santorini tomatoes have a unique intense flavor but they’re hard to find out of the island. In this case it’s better to use tomatoes of the highest quality you can get)

2 large white onions

A handful of fresh mint finely chopped

1 cup of beer

1/3 cup flour (more might be needed)



Esti  extra virgin olive oil


Remove the seeds from the tomatoes. Roughly chop the tomatoes and the onions. Put the vegetables  in a large bowl along with the mint, the beer and flour. Give a good stir in order to bring everything together. The mixture must be soft.

Heat abundant oil in a pan. With the help of a spoon drop some mixture in the pan. Fry well until  golden brown on both sides.

Best served with some tzatztiki!

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