Where to go and what to do in Athens this spring.

It goes without saying that the best time to visit Athens is in spring. Why? First of all, because the weather is ideal; warmer than in winter, and cooler than in summer. Secondly, it’s sunnier than in autumn and Athens is a city that needs the sun to reflect its beauty and warm spirit.


Athens gives the opportunity to combine the past with the present. History has left its signs wherever you look, wherever you pass by. The best way to feel and appreciate  the city’s glorious history is to pay a visit to the New Acropolis Museum. It’s undoubtedly a “must do”. When it first opened, a few years ago, the impressive building designed by Bernard Tschumi, had provoked controversy, but now it is one of the most significant landmarks of the city, which receives thousands of visitors daily. From the museum, there’s a beautiful view to the hill Acropolis itself. After visiting the museum, one must definitely climb the hill. It’s a lifetime experience that will give the chance to the visitor to feel and indulge in the glory of the Golden Years of the city’s ancient history. If someone wants to enhance their ancient history experience then they can also visit the Archaeological Museum on Patission Ave..



When strolling in the old center of Athens, your starting point is the wonderful, picturesque quarter of Plaka. Its main characteristics are the colorful, old style houses and narrow roads, and you’ll find plenty of cozy cafés and taverns and restaurants where you can enjoy authentic Greek food. Thissío is a wonderful area similar to Plaka, known for its trendy cafés and outdoor market with handmade craft work just outside the metro station. When in Thissío take a walk up to the hill of Filoppápou, it’s splendid this time of the year. Don’t forget to visit Monastiráki with its famous flea market and its vibrant square, which happens to be a popular meeting spot. From Monastiráki Square take Athinás Ave. and walk towards Omónoia Sq. You’ll find yourself in the lively and boisterous area of the central market, where merchants will be yelling their offers and the atmosphere will be full of aromas and flavors of all the goods you can imagine. When you get to Omónoia Sq. turn right to Panepistimíou Ave. and stroll all down towards Syntagma Sq. where the Greek Parliament is. Next to the Parliament is the beautiful National Garden where you can take a walk in it following its designed paths.




But it’s spring and there’s no better place to enjoy the lovely weather than at the city’s coastline. The best way to go there is to take the tram, which has its terminal at Syntagma Sq. There are two tram routes. One that takes you to Neo Fáliro and another that takes you to Voula. If you’re interested in visiting one of the city’s beaches then the second route is the one you should take. After a half hour drive through lovely residential areas, you’ll find yourself next to the sea. Choose a beach and enjoy a swim or some lazy sunbathing.




In spring everyone is out drinking and eating. Almost every restaurant, tavern, café, bar serves outdoor and it’s a great way to enjoy the city’s carefree lifestyle. Coffee shops are everywhere. Don’t forget to taste our homemade pies at any pie shop you step upon- pies are our official street food. But the best trend in town lately, is the cozy wine bars. In the city center there are quite a few, some already famous internationally. A visit to a wine bar is compulsory, if you want to taste and learn more about the uniqueness of Greek wines.




Last but not least, one cannot go on talking about spring in Greece without referring to Easter. Easter is the Greek people’s favorite religious feast and it seems to fit well with the sweetness and calmness of the season. Athens is a bit quieter during Easter, while its hundreds of churches become the epicenter of interest. On Good Friday the Epitaph procession takes place at most of the churches, it’s a unique experience for anyone who attends, filling the atmosphere with devoutness and piety.



Spring is bound to arrive. And we Athenians will set the tables outdoors, make the best coffee, pour the finest wine and cook the tastier meals, and all under the glorious Athenian sky. So, will you be joining us?


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