Plaka, our favourite quarter in Athens!

Plaka is Athens’s best known quarter. It is a lovely, quiet neighborhood in the heart of the city, full of well preserved colorful houses of neoclassic style. Plaka lies at the foot of the Acropolis hill, on which sits the landmark of the city, the Parthenon temple. A stroll in its narrow streets is a journey into the past of the city. You can get a very good picture of how Athens used to be before its urban expansion in the 50’s. _MG_7812   Athenians come here all the time to enjoy the quietness and the calm atmosphere and take a quick break from the hustle and bustle of the city. In the peaceful alleys you can find dozens of beautiful, charming cafes where you can sit and drink coffee or sip a late afternoon aperitif. Plaka is also famous for its numerous old style taverns, some of which are the oldest ones in town. Lovely, homemade Greek cuisine is served in the quaint taverns full of memories of the old times. Especially on Sunday noon it’s sort of a family treat to go out and have lunch at a tavern in Plaka. In general, on Sundays the area gets a more vibrating atmosphere. Many people stroll up and down on Adrianou Rd., the high street of the quarter. Some of the shops on Adrianou Rd. are the typical touristic ones – you know where you’re going to find bottles of ouzo in the shape of…the Parthenon! – but among them are some that sell superb and unique handmade objects , so keep your eyes open when window shopping over there! The best thing about Adrianou rd. is its topography: from the one side it ends at the flea market of Monastiraki, while from the other it will take you straight to the new Acropolis Museum –which of course is the top “must visit” of the town! _MG_7262 The most impressive part of taking a walk in Plaka is when you start going up the hill of Acropolis and find yourself in the tiny neighborhood of Anafiótika. The architecture of the area makes you feel like you’re somewhere in the Cyclades, and that’s not by chance. This little neighborhood was inhabited many years ago by people from the Cycladic island of Anafi, thus the name and the similar architecture. A walk to Anafiótika is not only worth for visiting the area but it is a place where you get a breathtaking view of the city of Athens as well. The whole city lies in front of you in its enormity and modernity while you’re surrounded by an Athens of another era. _MG_7357

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