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Calamari with pasta

It’s not well known abroad but we Greeks are huge fans of pasta dishes. There are many famous dishes in our cuisine that have as their basic ingredient different types of pasta. We combine pasta with anything even seafood, a combination that makes the most mouthwatering dishes and it brings us to our new blog post!




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Froutália. A delicious frittata from Andros.

Andros is one of the biggest islands in the Cyclades. It’s close to the Attica coast, therefore it is a popular weekend destination for the Athenians. A rather attractive island, it owes its charm to the elegant architecture, slightly different from the typical Cycladic one that we see in the other islands.

As every island in the Aegean, Andros boosts its own unique cuisine, of which the most popular dish is Froutália (or Fourtália)


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Kayanás or Strapatsáda

When exploring Greek cuisine, eventually you’ll find out that our favorite ingredient is the tomato! Especially in summer we use tomatoes everywhere in almost every dish! But that’s not just by chance. Greek tomatoes in the summer are the best, having been cultivated under the glorious sun, so juicy and with an intense flavor that makes you wish it could last forever!



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